The Effects of the Bad Education

The Effects of the Bad Education

          Do you know that the worst types of risks in most countries around the world are facing are the effects of the bad education? Bad education doesn’t refer to whether you’re educated or not, but rather it’s how the bad quality of knowledge, education and way of teaching that drives us to a bad life. There are many effects in our life that we could see every day and we might be seeing it but without recognizing them or we used for it like seeing this effects everyday . One of these cases for this effect is the universities. There are more than 2500 universities around the world suffering a lack of education and the bad quality of teaching so this bad education one of results bad life. I will specify in my article here about the effects of bad education on social life, our health, the risks if they will continue to future generations, and in the national security and economies of the countries.

In our social life everyday people communicate to each other at events and in shops. Here we can see the results of the education in our life with a big gap between those who have a good education and those who don’t. Poorly educated people don’t know how to communicate good behaviors with others. For example, they can’t distinguish with the people who are selling the commodities they want to buy. There are also the effects we can see in our environment between neighbors where we live like throwing trash everywhere, cutting down trees, making fires near the forest and trees. They don’t know that rising smoke is harmful to their and our health and the environment. The other side of social life is humanity and the natural environment that many people treat wrongly, especially those who weren’t educated in the university about how to deal with the environment like plants animal and nature. Many cites have problems with these kinds people of their problem like burring fires everywhere and cutting the trees or even how to take care and respect the animals whenever they are .

The effects on our health can be the most difficult ones. Bad education results in bad doctors who will be in the hospitals where they can treat us in the wrong way! It happens in many countries. Many people get the wrong treatment and they are dead. In the pharmacy, they might give you wrong medicines. Sometimes people go to the pharmacy to take medicines without asking doctors! Or cooking something in the wrong way of the receipts even if eating something in the wrong time like fruits before to having the lunch or dinner meal that provide protection from harmful free radicals. Evidence of bad education is in a survey that was done few years ago that said that more than 2000 people died in Egypt because of mistakes of recently graduated doctors. This is an example of the lack of education in the medical industry

The other effect that we can’t see now, but possibly in future generations is that the students who graduated from poor universities start distributing their knowledge to everybody especially if they would be teaching as teachers in the universities or schools, which will be the beginning of the distribution of bad effects. One of the results of bad education I can see now is in my country Libya. These days in Libya we have a lack of education and we can’t find highly educated people who have a good quality of knowledge. So in the last few years, because of this lack, Libya has had many problems in its economy and the social security of the country. This is an example of the negative effects that are popular in many countries around the world

In conclusion there are several effects we can see in our life resulting from bad education. I just wrote about some spots in the most important points in our social life, health, and in the genial our life circle thought different generations and what happens to the countries social security and economy. In my opinion they should start doing plans and strategies to evaluation and monitoring to the way how the universities and schools teaching and what kind of education are useful of our life, it’s the first step to move away this risk and effects.


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